You work hard to keep your business alive. While taxes are a certainty, there’s no reason to pay more than your fair share.

Ben Franklin tells us that the only things certain in life are death and taxes. While taxes are a certainty, overpaying your taxes is certainly something that you don’t want to do! Yet we find 85% of the companies we review are paying more state & local taxes than they should! Are you in that 85%? Since our fees are contingency based it won’t cost you a dime to find out! It will take just a few minutes of your time.

The Brennan Group specializes in managing and reducing sales & use, real estate and personal property taxes. We truly love what we do. By helping companies lower their taxes we make them stronger and healthier. That just feels great!

Our team of experts has decades of experience and have worked for companies in all industries across the United States and Canada. Our knowledge and passion, combined with our systems and procedures, can bring peace of mind to our clients by giving them clarity and control over their taxes.

The beauty of partnering with The Brennan Group is your access to our vast array of tax and cost reduction strategies. With one point of contact we can manage multiple state & local tax projects and obtain savings for you while you continue to focus on the daily needs of your business. When you partner with The Brennan Group you do have the time to get this done and reap the rewards of lower taxes now. It will be like having your own state & local tax department without the cost.

We would welcome the opportunity to discuss your needs. We can get started right away on giving you complete confidence in your state and local tax systems.

Death and taxes may be certain,
but we don’t have to die every year.
- Anonymous