A Quote a Day, Keeps the Boredom at Bay!

Mary McGurk

March 12, 2014

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We find quotes just about everywhere around here!

 We’re big on quotes here at The Brennan Group. Our annual quote-a-day calendar is much more than just a holiday greeting we send our clients – it’s something we all have on our desks. We say to one another, “I really like today’s quote” or “I loved yesterday’s quote by Abraham Lincoln but this new one today just doesn’t make any sense!” Sometimes we just read one and laugh. We Google the quoter to learn more about that person. We post quotes on our website, Facebook and Twitter feeds. We tear off the pages and send them in letters to a client or prospect. We tack them on our bulletin boards, tape them to the edges of our monitors. Those one or two lines can inspire us, amuse us, touch our hearts, confuse us, or make us think. Sometimes we read the quote and realize that’s one we heard long ago. Sometimes the quoter is well-known: Winston Churchill, Maya Angelou, or Mark Twain. Occasionally we just shake our heads. Who is Epictetus and why would anyone think that was a quote that belongs in a quote-a-day calendar?!

But these famous (or not!) quoters – they’re just people like you and me. Maybe they have a way of words, maybe they were speaking extemporaneously and someone picked up on some of their words. Everyday we all talk and talk and talk. Are we saying anything to amuse, to inspire? I’ll bet we’re all quote-worthy sometimes. I often try to remember other people’s lines that made me laugh, or made me think. I hope I occasionally say something that strikes a chord for another person.

Wherever you find a meaningful quote, find a way to keep track of it. Re-visit those words that inspired you when you’re feeling low. Take a mini-break from whatever task you’re at by re-reading a couple of the quotes that made you laugh. Share words that mean something to you with a friend, a co-worker, a client. Open a conversation about what that quote means to you. Maybe you’ll say something quotable!

“Most folks are about as happy as they make up their minds to be.”

~ Abraham Lincoln


Failure is a better teacher then success,
but she seldom finds an apple on her desk.
- Unknown