A Sample of The Brennan Group’s
Success Stories

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Who Was That Masked Man?

The Brennan Group’s dedicated network of experts are ready at a moment’s notice with appraisals, appeals, and opportunities for tax savings. This company called us the same day the appeal was due, and we helped them save nearly $19,000.

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From One to 100

For over six years a nationwide feed and grain manufacturer has turned to The Brennan Group for tax savings. From small facilities in Iowa to large ones in Texas, we lowered their tax liabilities across the board.

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A Sweet Deal

Persistence pays off for a large Midwestern sugar company. Even after their accounting firm told them their assessments were fine, The Brennan Group found savings of over $450,000.

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Have you Gotten a Second Opinion?

Sometimes the county is just plain wrong. This aerospace parts manufacturer looked to The Brennan Group to figure out the appropriate value for their personal and real property, and saved nearly $1 million dollars.

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Give a Little, Get a Little

A large Midwestern cement company knew it’s taxes were too high, but was concerned that a big reduction would adversely affect their small community. The Brennan Group negotiated a value that was fair to both the client and the community.

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Make Sure Your Right Hand Knows what Your Left Hand is Doing

A nationally-known investment firm seemed to have all the proper Sales and Use tax procedures in place. The Brennan Group discovered that these procedures were not being followed through on, which turned into quite a savings for the client.

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