Crafting your way to savings!

Bridget Sigillito

June 13, 2014

beer blog     Brewing a fine beer is like crafting a beautiful piece of furniture. Various parts are put together to form a final product, bringing everything together to create that perfect taste, look, smell, and texture. Many manufacturers look into reducing their state and local taxes. There are possible tax exemptions, perhaps on the raw materials, in the production of a table or bookcase. This also applies to brewing beers. The ingredients of the beer, as well as supplies for the machinery, could be eligible for an exemption. Looking at a brewery like it’s a furniture manufacturer could save the brewery a lot of money. It can be a simple process with a large refund or future savings.

Reviewing your tax liabilities is a great way to lower expenses and save money. Savings in many states can be found up to 3 years back! Who wouldn’t want to save a little cash? It takes barely any time from the brewer, with the help of a firm like The Brennan Group, so why isn’t everyone doing it? Simple answer is that many people don’t know it’s possible. Now you’re in the know!


Photo by  cbenjasuwan/
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