Let’s Go Blues!

John Standbrook

April 18, 2014
John & Mary's pics from last night!

John & Mary’s pics from last night!


As our company’s acronym of “TBG” suggests, “The Blues Go All The Way”.  There is a great deal of excitement this year heading into the playoffs with the Blues regular season almost on record pace.  Narrowly missing the Presidents Cup is noteworthy.   Goaltending is always a Cup contending issue and our acquisition of Ryan Miller is certainly a major step in closing the door on our challengers, or at least key in extending our playoff hopes.

Expect to see players like Oshie, Steen, Sabotka, Schwartz, Backes and Pietrangelo logging major ice time if the Blues are to be successful.  The Blues will need to score to ensure goalie Ryan Miller’s efforts in net are effective.  Expect to see an armada of energy and 5-man units offensively and defensively going at 110% to mount a Stanley Cup effort St. Louisans can be proud of.

Let’s do our part to complement our Champion Cardinals and Rams.  We are 1 step closer to that with the record length game win last night!  I know I’ll be yelling… ”LET’S GO BLUES” and what do ya say about bringing the Cup to Market Street!?!


Failure is a better teacher then success,
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