Have you turned off the tax?

In 2013 the Missouri Supreme Court clarified a ruling on the taxability of utility expenses for common areas in apartment complexes.  Simply stated:

  • Electric, gas, & water costs are not subject to state and/or local sales tax
  • Apartment complex owners can obtain up to 36 months of refunds on sales taxes paid to utility companies
  • Future utility bills can become exempt from sales tax

Over the past few years, The Brennan Group has recovered refunds of over $640,000 for Missouri apartment owners.

  • $45,410 in refunds for one complex
  • An average of $4,700 per complex
  • Even higher savings going forward now that that tax has been turned off!

Why do you need The Brennan Group?

  • Reviewing 36 months of invoices is very time-consuming
  • The State of Missouri requires specific information presented in a specific way
  • The Brennan Group has the team and processes in place to manage the review with only a little of your time
  • We do all the work, follow up on getting you the refunds, and make sure you won’t pay sales tax on your utilities in the future

Bottom line – what is this going to cost you?

  • An hour or two of your time to talk to us and provide access to your utilities bills
  • Our fee is a percentage of the refunds you receive
  • No risk to you, we cover all the costs
bright idea to save money on tax appeal
Death and taxes may be certain,
but we don’t have to die every year.
- Anonymous