Fixed Asset Inventory

Fixed asset accounting… is there anything lower on the to do list? When was the last time your asset listing was inventoried? Last year? Good for you! Last decade? Then you’re not alone. If you have a fixed asset accountant just go hug him now and tell him how grateful you are to have him manage this responsibility!

Most companies don’t have a fixed asset accountant and almost all of the companies we meet say that they wish they had better fixed asset accounting. Do you feel the same?

Higher personal property tax bills, higher insurance premiums and higher maintenance agreements are just some of the ways poor fixed asset accounting drains cash from companies. The mental stress that comes from knowing that your fixed asset list does not match what you have out there can eat away at your peace of mind.

Here is where The Brennan Group can help. We can bring in our team to perform a comprehensive reconciliation of your fixed asset listing. Our review provides a floor-to-book and book-to-floor reconciliation that gives you a clear snapshot of what you have and eliminates the anxiety of not knowing. We can also help you maintain that accuracy going forward which will reduce your costs and give you accounting nirvana!

State and Federal Tax Credits

Fact! There are credits out there that people just don’t know about and are therefore leaving money on the table. In addition, many companies are not fully utilizing the credits that they are taking. If you would like to have more money in your pocket, give us a call. More than likely, we can find you savings with:

  • Research and Development Credits
  • Empowerment Zone Credits
  • Energy Efficient Design Credits
  • Cost Segregation Studies
  • Multi-State Income Tax Credits
  • Incentive Opportunities

Like most government dealings, there can be a lot of red tape. You could say we have a big pair of scissors that can help you cut through that red tape to help get your company in the black!

Telecommunications and
Utility Audits


Aliquam Mauris. Did you know that translated from Latin that means Telecommunication bill?

Yes, most telecommunication bills are just as hard to read and understand, they may as well be written in Latin. I had a problem with the way telecom companies charged us and confused us with their billing.

So we hired a consultant to translate our telecom bills. It was then that we discovered our provider had over 50 pricing plans for a phone line in our region alone. Our consultant was able to step in and reduce our bill by 40%. We were so happy we started a partnership with them to offer the same savings to our clients.

The pace of change in the telecommunications industry is staggering! More service competition, new technologies and the changing ways in which we conduct business all create opportunities for savings in telecommunications expenses.

Don’t just keep paying that bill as if it was a fixed expense! Left unchecked you could find yourself paying 40% more than you have to, just like we were.

The Brennan Group has experts who can translate your telecommunications bill, remove the confusion and at the same time lower your expenses. We can help you manage your telecommunications by assessing your needs and providing you the best solutions at a lower cost. Let us take the time to manage these companies so you can spend your time running your business. The satisfaction of knowing you are on top of your telecommunications costs is very satisfying.


I’ll bet you’ve followed your kids around now and then and turned off the light, switched off the TV, and made sure the faucet wasn’t dripping. It is hard to do that at work, which is why you’re probably paying more than you need to for your utilities.

Many of our clients tell us that their utility costs are one of the highest expenses they have in their business. Yet few have done an analysis to determine if they can use less energy or lower the cost of their energy.

The Brennan Group can bring in our experts who have decades of experience in utility consulting around the globe and have a true understanding of this complicated industry. They can work with your team to analyze your needs, reduce the number of energy units you use and lower your cost per unit of energy. It’s like teaching your staff how to turn off the lights when they leave the room so you don’t have to follow them around!

Death and taxes may be certain,
but we don’t have to die every year.
- Anonymous