Real Estate Analysis and Appeal

When you consider that your assessor has to value every parcel of land and every building in your City or County you realize just how monumental that task is and why mistakes are made. Assessors must use mass appraisal techniques to accomplish their task and most of their work is done from their desk. Therefore they make mistakes and those mistakes cost you money.

The Brennan Group has expert analysts, appraisers, and attorneys across the country who specialize in correcting mistakes made by assessors and reducing real estate taxes.

We bring to you decades of experience and spend the time necessary to review all the specifics of your property. Our commitment is to appeal at all levels to obtain a reduction leading to a lower tax bill for you!

Our fees are contingency-based so we only earn a fee when we are successful in obtaining a reduction. We also cover all of the expenses so there is no risk for you to ensure your assessor is treating you fairly. It is as simple as it sounds.

How can you be sure your value is right? Just ask us!

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