Sales and Use Tax Services
Reviews, Research and Assistance

If you are reading this page, chances are you are feeling some uncertainty or pain caused by your Sales and Use Tax, or SALT procedures or state and local tax compliance. The Brennan Group can handle all aspects of Sales and Use Taxes. We can assess your current situation, research any issues, map out a strategy, and help you implement that strategy to gain control and confidence in your Sales and Use Tax systems. In other words, we offer you the peace of mind that comes from knowing your compliance is accurate.

Comprehensive Sales and Use Tax
Refund and Exposure Reviews

We will be able to help your company with Comprehensive Sales and Use Tax Refund and Exposure Reviews. Our team asks only that you point them to your accounts payable files. It’s that easy! Once we review your payables to discover any exposures and overpayments, we create a Post Compliance Review book just for you. This shows all our findings and gives you a great roadmap so that your SALT procedures can be brought up to current moving forward.

Nexus Studies and Evaluations

Each state’s requirements are different. The rules are different in Texas, Missouri, or Connecticut on whether or not you are even required to pay sales tax. We can take a look at your business and determine your needs as well as answer all of your questions pertaining to SALT taxes.

Audit Defense

Sometimes your accounting staff can miss a statute, code or regulation while filling out monthly SALT compliance reports. And if the state auditor comes knocking, you could end up with a pretty hefty tax bill. However, the auditor isn’t looking for your overpayments when he studies your accounts. The Brennan Group’s audit review will check on all those exposures the audit claims you owe, as well as finding any overpayments you may have been making that could offset any penalty. That’s why we call it Audit Defense.

Anonymous Voluntary Disclosure Services

It’s true. Sometimes mistakes were made and it’s time to come clean. Very often voluntary disclosure mitigates penalties and interest when there is an exposure. Ask The Brennan Group how we can help explore the consequences and make disclosure as easy as possible.

Letter Ruling Request Preparation

There are over 60,000 codes, statutes and regulations governing Sales and Use Tax. However, if one of those rules doesn’t answer your specific question, The Brennan Group can prepare a request for a letter ruling and get the 60,001st rule pinned down.

Specific Issue Research and Analysis

Suffice it to say, if you have a question, we’ll find the answer.

So if you are in pain or in need of peace of mind regarding your Sales and Use Tax systems, we would welcome the opportunity to discuss your concerns and help you find that balance. We provide solutions to Sales and Use Tax issues, and with it peace of mind.

Find-out-how-TBG-can-help The Brennan Group can assist you by assessing your needs and identifying the right experts and strategies to meet those needs. This allows you to complete more projects in less time, giving you better control of your tax systems, utilities expense and worker’s compensation premiums while providing you with above the line savings.
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