Are you paying too much for your St. Louis Property Taxes?

Even though 2016 is not a re-assessment year in Missouri, you still have the opportunity to reduce your assessed value and save money this year. If you own a property in St. Louis City or County, the Assessor may have been increasing your home’s value over the past few years. Don’t miss your opportunity to save! An appeal this year will save you tax money this year, and may even keep the Assessor from increasing your value again in 2017.

Chances are you are overpaying on your real estate taxes! The Brennan Group can help make sure you pay only your fair share. There is no risk. We only charge a fee if we save you money

The deadline to appeal your property values is July 11, 2016 and it is approaching fast. Don’t miss your chance to save. You could have a lower property tax bill with The Brennan Group.

Our Agreement

  • We only get paid if we lower your taxes by lowering your assessment. There is no fee for our review.
  • If we lower your assessment, we share equally (50/50) in the tax savings for 2 years.
  • The Brennan Group will cover all review, appraisal costs, and legal fees.
  • If we lower your taxes, we will bill you at the same time you receive your lowered tax bill.

How we Charge

Typically when The Brennan Group negotiates reductions, your savings will carry through for two years. When we find your property to be overvalued and reduce the value, we will share in the savings 50/50 over the savings period of 2016 and 2017. Our Fee will be invoiced once per year when tax rates are issued in November and tax bills are sent out. Please see the example in the document below.

There’s no risk. We only charge a fee if we can save you money.

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