Mary-Diane McGurk

Office Manager

Mary-McGurk_220x300Mary-Diane McGurk has been with The Brennan Group since 2005, after eleven years at a full-time mom position. During the stay-at-home-mom years Mary worked part-time at a nursery and thinks that perhaps those hours and days with the babies and toddlers may have been the best training for customer service ever invented!
Previous experience includes working in the non-profit arena for a large denominational office and then for a nationwide charity.
Mary has grown with The Brennan Group from a part-time assistant to a full-time office manager. She is still the assistant for both Michael Brennan and John Standbrook and stands ready to help with any questions or concerns the staff, consultants and clients may have.

Failure is a better teacher then success,
but she seldom finds an apple on her desk.
- Unknown