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More than 90% of the companies we review are overpaying on personal property taxes. We ensure the true fair market value of each asset in your business is reported. The Brennan Group offers decades of experience, a proven system for reviews, and a world class team of ex-auditors and certified equipment appraisers.



Take control of your personal property taxes & start paying only what you owe.

Annual Reporting

Why The Overpayments?

The basic methods counties use to value personal property create over-valuations and higher taxes! All companies are required to use the same personal property tax declaration form. This one-size-fits-all form, with its setlist of depreciation schedules, attempts to determine the actual fair market value of your assets based on the asset’s acquisition cost.

Get started with a free discovery call and learn how The Brennan Group can help reduce your Personal Property Tax liability today.


90% Success Rate

19% Avg. Savings

Tax Education

Asset Evaluations

Our Guarantee

We ensure you take advantage of every available exemption. We identify exposures where you didn’t accrue a tax that was actually due. By helping you identify these exposures and over-payments, we help your systems find balance. Giving you clarity, confidence, and control.




Compliance Review

Our team of personal property tax experts has decades of experience and a proven system for reviews. Each one is a certified equipment appraiser who fully understands the true fair market value of assets and the correct way to report them.

We welcome the opportunity to reduce your personal property taxes. Remember, if we don’t find any savings, we do not earn a fee.

When we perform our analysis of your personal property we will…


Begin by gathering a copy of your most recent filing, your fixed asset listing, and a copy of your personal property tax bill.
Tour the facility and perform a gone study to verify the fixed asset listing
Review any source documentation to determine the asset’s true purchase price.
Properly classify assets in various equipment categories to maximize depreciation.
Work with the local assessors to explain the changes made and implement our strategies.
Lastly, we will educate you and your staff on the methodology used and provide a clear framework for you to continue saving on future filings.

Annual Reporting

Many businesses treat the preparation of their annual personal property declarations as routine: you simply cross out gone equipment, write in new equipment, and you’re done – right? These declarations determine your tax bill, so reporting them correctly can mean the difference in thousands of dollars saved!

The Brennan Group will review the previous year’s declaration, correctly state each additional asset, and make certain your filing is done with the utmost accuracy. We will do everything we can to ensure you don’t pay a penny more than what is owed.