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States provide the same personal property form for a shoe store as they do for a coal mine. How can your assessment be accurate?

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A Mining Testimonial

“The Brennan Group’s tax experts did a great job saving Murray Energy a significant amount of money in state & local tax over-payments and property tax savings. They did not require much of our time and energy, so the ROI for engaging The Brennan Group was truly substantial. They did exactly what they said they would do, in the time frame they said they would do the review, and the project was completed at the highest level of professionalism and accuracy. In addition, we gained the peace of mind knowing that our systems are correct moving forward. It has been a pleasure working with The Brennan Group.”

Bo Putsock
Murray Energy Corp.

Sales and Use Taxes

Every state has different exemptions and regulations regarding sales & use tax, and even within one state, each auditor may interpret the rules differently. If you have just one mine, or locations in several states, how do you know you’re not missing opportunities for exemptions or, worse yet, underpaying and leaving yourself primed for penalties if the auditor shows up at your door? The Brennan Group’s review of your sales/use tax procedures will pinpoint exposures, where you are at risk during an audit. In addition, we search for and recover over-payments, putting money back into your pocket, and bringing your system up-to-current moving forward.

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Personal Property Tax Services

Machinery and equipment see less use as they age, or when an economic downturn slows production. Your personal property declarations should reflect what is currently going on in your mines. If you’re simply crossing out a piece of equipment here, and writing in a new computer acquisition there, you may not be taking full advantage of the classification categories and types of exemptions available to the mining industry. Our certified equipment appraisers have the latest data and know how to classify and value each of your assets – saving you money when your personal property tax bill is due.

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