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Whether you have a small manufacturing plant in central Missouri, or are the Tax Director for a national company, The Brennan Group can provide you with clarity, confidence, and control of all your state and local taxes.

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In 2000, Michael Brennan realized that most businesses could use a one-stop shop for all of their state and local tax issues. Mike organized The Brennan Group to pull together appraisers, analysts, and attorneys from across the US and Canada, and together we can respond to any real and personal property issues and sales & use tax questions that occur.

From a home office for one, to filling up our own building, The Brennan Group continues to grow and add additional staff and strategic partners who each have specific knowledge and expertise. Is your real property fairly assessed? Are you overpaying sales tax? How do you know your personal property declarations aren’t costing you too much at tax time? We got a guy – or gal – for that!

Mike has worked in the state and local tax savings industry for over 30 years, and each of our partners have similar knowledge and expertise. Our sales/use tax analysts are CPAs and former state auditors. Our real estate analysts have sat on both sides of the table during assessment appeals. Our personal property experts have all the appropriate acronyms after their names. When you work with The Brennan Group, we’re not handing off your case to a junior partner or newly-minted accountant – you can rely on top-of-the-line analysts with more years of experience than some of them may want to admit to!

It’s important to us that we treat our staff like family, because we all agree that family is our number-one priority. This culture is a catalyst for treating our clients like part of our family as well. We have hopes and dreams and problems to solve just like you do. So when you call on us with an issue, we treat it just as if it were our own, working to find the exposures, lower the tax liability, answer the questions. No matter the outcome of an appeal or review by The Brennan Group, you’ll always gain a better understanding of your state and local tax systems, and the assurance that you’re not paying more than you should. We hope you’ll have gained a friend, as well.

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~ Ruth Stafford Peale