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Commercial Real Estate

Commercial Real Estate Tax Savings

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Each County Assessor uses their own appraisal techniques to determine value. Is yours accurate?

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A Commercial Real Estate Testimonial

“I wanted to call you and congratulate you guys and thank you for the great, great representation. You did a tremendous job for us and I really appreciate it. We always like to be made to look good when we make recommendations to our clients to use one of our local consultants so that’s all good and beneficial. Thanks!”

Bob Guimbarda
Colliers International

Real Estate Sections

County assessors across the US enter square footage into a computer program, apply a CAP rate and generate a value that impacts your real estate tax bill.

Our experts at The Brennan Group understand your property has specific conditions, vacancy rates and income & expense that may return a value much different than the assessors. We will appeal for a reduction and tax savings.

Don’t treat your property tax bill as a fixed expense. Using The Brennan Group will ensure your taxes are as low as possible.

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Personal Property Tax Services

If you operate a large company, chances are you have a lot of office equipment. This means you own a substantial personal property tax bill as well.

The Brennan Group’s certified equipment appraisers can place accurate values on your assets and use the most advantageous classification categories to complete your declarations. With careful study of your assets and placement of value on your declarations, TBG can lower your personal property tax burden.

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