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The problem with real estate taxes is that they are based on the local assessor’s opinion of value. Since the value is their opinion, you have a legal right to challenge that value!

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When you consider an assessor is responsible for placing a value on every single parcel in your county, you soon realize how daunting a task that can be for them. Very few assessors have the staff and resources needed to accurately appraise all the properties in their county. They use mass appraisal techniques to generate a value on your property. Their computer models for the cost, income and market approach return a very generalized value that does not consider the specifics of your property.

Over our 30+ years of working in this industry, we have come to understand that there are average levels of assessment in a county that are sometimes as much as 10 to 20% below the true fair market value. Not knowing those levels of assessment may leave a taxpayer to assume they are fairly assessed and not pursue an appeal.

Understanding your property taxes can allow you to better negotiate a more accurate assessment for your property, which will reduce your property liability.

The Real Estate Tax Analysis

  • We perform a summary appraisal of your property using the actual data on your property.
  • We will verify that the county has an accurate description of your property.
  • Working within the average level of assessment, we can identify If you are being treated equitably.
  • We manage all aspects of the appeal on a local and state level. Pursuing appeals at higher levels if the county assessor is not cooperative.
  • The best part is that we cover all the costs and will only earn a fee if we are successful in reducing your value.

A Success Story

25% avg reduction per property

“I just wanted to thank you for your time and effort assisting us in getting our taxes reduced on our property. It has been a very tangled road trying to navigate these paths and your expertise has turned it into an easy project. When we realized we were going to have bank financing issues if we didn’t get our taxes lowered immediately, it meant we could have lost the project. Calling on The Brennan Group is the best decision we ever made. Your success in getting our taxes reduced by over 25% is unprecedented. Thank you for all your advice and help in getting this done.”

Jeff Williams
Jeff Williams,Inc