Manufacturing Savings

Sales and Use Taxes

Did you know that in some states you don’t have to pay sales tax on repair & replacement parts? Every state has their own set of rules about what is taxable and what is exempt for manufacturers. And they can change the regulations without letting you know! Our dedicated sales/use tax team has the knowledge and resources to make sure you are compliant where tax is due, and capture over-payments you may have made. You will end up knowing your system is correct moving forward, and you’ll only pay a fee if we capture refunds and credits for you.

Real Estate Taxes

Let’s be honest, many manufacturers put more money into their equipment and product than they do into their building and grounds. When the assessor assigns a value to your real estate, they are not taking into account the particular conditions of your property, instead they’re running your address through a program that uses comparables and models to determine value. Our analysts are familiar with locations and assessors across the country, and we’ll take a look at your property, not a computer model, and appeal the value if the assessor didn’t get it right. Don’t pay more than your fair share!

Personal Property Taxes

You can make your annual personal property declarations really simple: just fill in the same numbers as last year, but cross out that piece of disabled equipment and drop in the description and dollar amount on the invoice for the new machine you just purchased, right? Our review takes the time to make sure the value of the machine includes the machine only, and not the supply of cleaning fluid, the delivery cost, and other items listed on the invoice. We also review your assets to reclassify in the most advantageous depreciation schedules, and make sure to use all exemptions allowed. Let us make sure you’re not over-stating your valuations and see if we can save you money on your personal property tax bill.


In the U.S. alone there are over 60,000 statutes and regulations governing sales taxes and exemptions. Are you missing any?

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A Manufacturing Success Story

“We hesitated because we assumed that our taxed purchases were so minuscule that we wouldn't find enough mistakenly taxed expenditures to justify the hassle. What we found was that there was NO hassle. We simply gave The Brennan Group a green light and they came back to notify us of several thousand dollars worth of refunds coming back from our suppliers. The service is very professional and absolutely worthwhile.”

Ryan Barron

Alpha Foundry Company